27 March 2009

Thing 24: How Time Flies

Oh, my sad little blog, neglected for months. It is clearly time for me to dust this baby off and get serious about the next 23 Things. So far, I have changed the look of my blog but not much else. (I kind of like my nearly-year-old avatar; do I really have to change her?) Just getting back into the swing of regular posting will help.

The prompts for this Thing ask how much I've blogged since the old Things ended. The answer is obvious: Zero. I'm not sure what kept me from adding more, besides that old excuse, lack of time. (Which I've never really understood: Everyone has 24 hours in the day, right?) Some of it is my background in journalism. I'm used to writing, and used to lots of people reading my writing. So the public aspect of a blog isn't really a novelty for me.

If I'm honest, I have to say I'm a bit chagrined that I seem to be writing here for an audience of one: Me. I mean, when I wrote op-eds for the Star Tribune back in the 1990s (when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I sent my pieces to the editor on a 300-baud modem), 450,000 people would read my words, sometimes within hours of my composing them.

So here's what I'll do: I'm going to use one of Google's new "gadgets" and start counting how many people are actually following this blog. Then I'll do some old-fashioned marketing to try to get the numbers up. That will give me an incentive to write more. Or, if none of you signs in as a "follower," less.