15 January 2014

23 Mobile Things | Thing 1

The Way-Back Machine

I was just thinking on my way to work this morning how glad I am that it is 2014.  The year just sounds friendly, doesn't it?  By re-activating this long-dormant blog, however, I am transporting myself back six years, to the day I first opened its virtual pages:  my opening salvo in the Minnesota Multitypes Libraries' “23 Things on a Stick.”  Yes, it was January 2008, I was a librarian at Metropolitan State University (hence the “MetroRebecca” handle), and I grabbed onto that half-year project and used it to drag myself kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  I didn't do all the 23 things, but I did quite a few.  Then I left Metro State and spent a couple of years in some cool short-term librarian positions (I look back with special fondness at my six months as a school librarian at Mounds Park Academy) before landing a coveted “permanent” slot in an academic library.  Those six years have been a fun ride, professionally speaking.  And, perhaps, I owe it all to those 23 Things.

The new program, which runs from today (15 January 2014) to 15 June, focuses on “23 Mobile Things” — so I probably shouldn't be writing this blog entry from a desk computer.  (Baby steps, baby steps.)  Nonetheless, I am supposed to write a blog post, then register the blog as the first Thing.
To participate in 23 Mobile Things, each participant needs a blog. In the blog you will write posts about each Thing you do, what you learned, and how you could use the concepts or apps in your work or for yourself.
If you already have a blog you can register it, but when you write posts for this program please include “23 Mobile Things” and the number of the Thing you’re doing somewhere in the title of the post. This is just so it’s easier for us to find each post. ... 
Write a blog post for Thing 1 telling us what you hope to get out of the program.
What do I hope to get out of the current Things?  Another six years of fun, that's what.

So ... here we go!  Whee!