28 May 2008

Thing 2.1: Consulting the Gods

An Assyrian king gets advice from a priest. He doesn't know he will wait nearly 2,900 years for Library 2.0.

Yesterday's post was a bit wordy, so I thought I should leaven the dough with a picture. (Is that metaphor mixed enough for you?)

The above image is from "Knowledge and Power in the Neo-Assyrian Empire," where it has the following caption:

The Assyrian king's basic aim was to fulfil the wishes of the god Aššur. His scholars advised him on the best means of doing so. Detail from the stone decoration of Assurnasirpal II's Northwest Palace at Nimrud, room B panel 7 (bottom), c.860 BC (BM ANE 124549). Photo by Eleanor Robson.

For more about Assyrian royalty, the ancient library of Nineveh, and what they have to do with Web 2.0 (at least in my strange world), see yesterday's blog.

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